Medical Spanish Program

The Medical Spanish Program has been designed for Medicine students and professionals who are working in the health care sector. The program consists of a theoretical and a practical part.


In the theoretical part, the students obtain the lingusitic tools for communicating orally or written with patients or medical collegues. Moreover, they will attend culture courses which include an overview over the Argentinian health system.


Between the activities which contain the theoretical part, the students practice how to give explanations and instructions to patients and how to conduct an interview (based on role plays among students). What's more, they will be reading and creating medical texts, studying the patient – doctor relationship, learning more about health organisations and analyzing clinical data.


The practical part contains a visit to a hospital where they can interact with doctors and patients. The students can get an idea of how it looks like to be working in the health care sector in Argentina. At the same time they can practise their Spanish learned in the theoratical classes.


The students do not need to have previous knowledge of the Spanish language for taking part in the theoratical part of our Medical Spanish Programm. Our language program constist of eight levels, starting with the most basic level where the students start learning Spanish from “zero”.


In order to participate in the practical part of this program the students need to have at least intermediate Spanish skills.


The Medical Spanish Program can be started at any moment of the year.


Medical Spanish Program

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